Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's True What They Say About Toys and Their Boxes

I've been thinking once in a while about what we'll give Jonah for Christmas this year. I'd like to give a sanctimonious speech about how we don't give him very many presents because we don't want it to be the focus of the holiday, and I guess that could be true to an extent since we do try to pay more attention to the birth of our Savior. But mainly, we go low key on the presents because a) we're always broke and b) I don't want all kinds of toys and crap around and c) I'm a mean mommy. But it is fun to give him some really cool toy that is the kind of thing that he can exercise his vast imagination upon. Like the (mostly used) set of Brio trains we gave him last year. Those were a huge hit.

So I've been paying attention to what he plays with and how he plays right now.

Here's what I've come up with.

A turkey baster.

Straight pins. (Oh stop. I was right there. He wasn't stabbing his kidneys.)

A rolling pin (for "combining" his "cornfield") and a piece of rope (for fishing).


Bubble wrap.

Sour cream containers.

An old shoebox.

So I've come to the conclusion that for Christmas, I can just wrap up a junk drawer or two.

Problem solved.

I'm gonna just upend his toybox into the Goodwill bin. Really, the only real toy he plays with are his trucks and tractors (and maybe some Playdough to drive them in so that he can drive me crazy asking me to pick it out of the wheels).

Oh, and the kid-sized spade we gave him for his birthday:

So we can put him to work.


  1. That poor deprived child. I'm going to have to call you in... I'm afraid he'll just have to come live with his doting and spoiling auntie....

  2. How about his spoiling uncle? I sent mom 35 bucks to buy him a sick excavator or something. Not sure if she told you yet. She's going to hook up Sam and Pete too.

  3. All this in one day? Busy child. And ADORABLE. Love the bubble wrap one. Such a boy.

  4. No, this was over a few days... Notice the changes of clothes?