Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snorting My Tea from My Nose

I just read this article which Country Doctor's Wife also posted about, and while I do not agree with it, per say (heck, I'm not even sure I know what it all means), it was so funny, I had to repost it. To wit:

"There was a slight error on our signage. Other countries, such as that one they have in France, reading our slogan, if they can even read real words, might be all, like, “Hey, bonjour, they are saying we can put our country, France, first!” Non, non, non, France! What we are saying is, you’d better put our country first, you merde-heads, or soon there will be so much lipstick on your pit bulls it will make your berets spin!"

Here's the link: My Gal. I'm still laughing.


  1. Hey! I have a Jonah too (my oldest son who's now 5.5). I found your blog via your mom's comment on Martha's new blog- get ready for a whole lot of new traffic, I think.

  2. dude... whatup? moms not selling my blog on other blogs... then again, my blog sucks

  3. Son-
    I figured you weren't interested in a Martha connection. The requirement is that you also link your blog to hers! If you want though...

  4. I mean...put a link to her blog on yours. And your blog doesn't suck. You have real jungle pictures!!