Friday, September 19, 2008

I Can Almost Hear It Now...

My budding Classical Guitarist...

Give him another 10-15 years and he'll be making beautiful music... better than I can make, for sure. AND he probably won't have so much snot and strawberry jam on his face. I hope.

He saw my dusty guitar in the corner this afternoon.

"Mom, can we do that violin?"
"That's a guitar."
"Yeah. Buhcar. Can we do that Buhcar?"
"Uhh... sure."

So I got it out and tuned it up and we made a little noise for a while.

I can't actually play it. OKay, I can play "Red River Valley" with chords and a basic scale. Sort of. But that old thing stands in the corner as a symbol of my dreams of playing it. (Heh. I can play other instruments better, and yet I make little music. Shows how far my ambitions go.) I inherited it from my uncle when he died. My Dad set it out for me, but I still had to fight my Mom for it.
("Mom, you have two guitars and no time to play them! Why do you need another?"
"It's a classical guitar and mine are western! You don't even play!"
"But I want to! I'm gonna learn!"
"If you don't learn in 10 years, the guitar defaults to me."

So maybe I never will play. But I'll play my Irish whistles with Jonah on the guitar someday.

Or perhaps his interests will go in another direction entirely. And I won't complain (or I'll try not to).

(But I still hope he plays my classical guitar...)


  1. Fo reals though, you need to get him on that. Otherwise, he'll end up like me and be pissed he never played anything while all the rockn'rollers are getting all the ladies.
    Seriously, though, dudes with guitars get girls, if you haven't observed yet.

  2. I agree. We girls want the dudes with guitars. I'm not sure that's a good reason to start Jonah though.

    I started reading this post and thought "where'd you get that guitar??" You reminded me. How many more years to go?

  3. Mom. I live 2,800 miles away. You can't have my guitar.