Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bar stool B & A

I got this set of four bar stools for free a couple of years ago. They've been hanging around in the barn since then, waiting for a kitchen to go in.

They were in pretty rough shape... but the price was right.

They had these woven seats that were falling apart. This was the best out of the four, the other three were really holey:

So earlier this summer I got them out and took off the old seats and sanded off the finish. By hand. With several chunks of sandpaper. Yeah, fun. And then they sat around for the rest of the summer.

But this week they reappeared! I primed them and applied FOUR coats of paint (NEVER again will I succumb to the temptation of cheap paint. Never.) and a coat of clear sealer.

Today, I made new seats for them. I was stapling on heavy canvas and pretty fabric with a utility stapler. Problem is, about every other squeeze the stapler would shoot out it's guts instead of just a staple. It was taking a long time. Nathan said, "Why don't you just use the air stapler?" "Because I'm afraid of it." (I'm really tough and badass. Really. Except with power tools. And cars. And saws. And chains. And... you get the idea.) So Nathan stapled for me with the air stapler while I held the fabric, and he did a way better job that I was doing with my little hand stapler. That, my friends, is exactly why I keep a man around.

So here's the result:

For less than 10 bucks (and a lot of time) I have a nice (and unique) set of stools!


  1. Wow! They're gorgeous!

    You should be on TV

  2. Well, those are just pretty darn cute! But, yeah, I gotta stay away from fabric or I'll be writing a post about how my children are starving to death because I won't let them eat anything in the dining room on the fabric covered chairs.