Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mmmmm... Sage Pinapple Fried Potatoes

I always have this dilema- What am I going to make for supper tonight? It's been worse lately because I haven't gotten groceries in As it is, I only get groceries once a month, so I often deal with this, but it forces creativity and makes me use up what I have instead of spending more money.

Case in point:

Tonight I made (nothing gourmet, rather, one of my cop-out-I-don't-know-what-else-to-make meals) some fried potatoes. I started out by cooking some unseasoned pork sausage (common among the Amish, so we ended up with some.) with a sliced onion. Then I added my sliced potatoes with a good long pour of bacon fat (Mmmm! I usually use chicken fat skimmed from stock, but bacon fat is even better!). So as I'm stirring them around, I'm thinking of what else I could add. Hmm, chives might be good, now that I have herbs outside... Wait! Sage would be even better!" So I went out and picked a handful of sage and tore it up into the potatoes. "Say," I thought, "this smells good... I have some organic pineapple chunks left in the fridge..." so I added those. Salt and pepper... and ooooh yum!

Pay no attention to the messy stove... I wipe it everyday, but I'm a sloppy cook, okay?

Anyway. Jonah had to have ketchup. Stinker. I had mine with a whachagot pinacolada. (Pineapple juice, coconut milk, vodka, pinch stevia. Not great, but it went down smooth...)

Quick, easy, yum.


  1. And you were accusing ME of sounding like mom....

  2. No, I think she's reading too much Pioneer Woman!

  3. Mom doesn't drink vod-ker. Then again, it's vodka, so who knows...? Maybe thats how she dealt (deals) with 7 kids

  4. This is the strangest comment thread ever. I mean, HUH?

    I don't sound like Mom, cuz Mom doesn't cook so frugal and un-gourmet...

    It's nothing like PW, because it wasn't step-by-step with photos, and I didn't go on about the supposedly-evil fat content (which is fabulous in this dish, BTW).

    And who said anything about Mom drinking Vodka? (Although, he has a point. I couldn't figure out how her liquor cabinet is so full of almost-empty bottles...)

  5. Uhh "What should I make for dinner tonight??"

    DON'T get my started on how mom whines (over wine) about it.

    Aaand I give her ideas, then she ends up making risotto. :P

  6. Nah, the empty booze cabinet was from yours truely