Friday, May 16, 2008


I've wanted to grow garlic for a long time. Finally, I have a place to grow garlic.

I have four varieties that I got Hood River Organic Garlic (Organic garlic! From my hometown!). I planted them the day after Thanksgiving. I was recovering from a terrible cold/sinus infection. My Mother-in-law insisted that I wear a scarf, except she couldn't find a scarf, so she brought me a dishtowel. She's pretty smart. And I'm just a think-I'm-immortal whippersnapper, coughing in the wind, planting garlic, flirting with pneumonia.

The wire is to keep the chickens from scratching them up. It works well, and it's a wide weave that the garlic can grow through easily. The chickens have no interest in eating garlic greens. Hopefully, nothing else will either as the summer progresses.

I love garlic.

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