Saturday, September 4, 2010

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha HA!

We've been behind on the hornworm detail lately. My tomato plants are looking a little worse for the wear.

Some of those suckers are BIG. Ick.

Here. I'll give you something cuter, now that I've thoroughly grossed you out.

(The chickens had a tasty snack, by the way...)


  1. chickens are some of God's best work.

    adorable boys.

  2. Hahaha, ew. Last week when I was working at my friend's parent's orchard, we were cleaning out a store room. One of the (many) disgusting things that we found in there was jars of bugs and gross stuff in preservatives. There was a quart jar stuffed with those gross worms in preservatives. It. Was. Gross. I couldn't even bring myself to touch the jar. >_<

  3. um, they are kinda pretty actually. lol! I don't think I've ever seen those. Maybe we don't get them in our area.

    Love the pic of your kids. Adorable.

  4. Stone Cottage Mama-- No, I don't think you have those in your part of the country. I never saw them until I moved here. They are actually pretty cool-looking. But the damage they can do is pretty incredible. In fact, if you listen near them, you can hear them crunching. They're actually very hard to see if you're looking for them. I can only ever see them out of the corner of my eye, and sometimes they surprise me.