Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Sack o' Sugar

Two months old today! Two! Two months that have gone by in a blur so fast.

If you don't count the lack of sleep, this is bliss. Two little boys who adore each other* and lovely late summer days. I am able to get some things done again, though we haven't started school yet because I'm still a little behind, but we're looking forward to doing that soon. Jonah's going to love it. And Evan is so incredibly sweet, we just eat him up every day! He's a little night owl right now, which is frustrating, but sometimes he's even sweet about that. Last night he sat in his bouncy chair watching us freeze corn at 10:30 (as long as we were still up with him, we figured we should use the time). He seemed to figure out that he could get our attention by cooing, so he talked and talked to us while we worked. It's just so fun to watch these little guys grow and discover who they are!

*I was telling a friend the other night that it's a good thing that Jonah has some time to bond with Evan right now while he's sweet and not yet able to wreck all his stuff. Jonah's going to need to build up the love and attachment now to carry them through the destructo phase.

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  1. Happy Birthday baby! I want to snuggle your neck and give you smooches!