Monday, June 30, 2008

Time, wasted.

Hulu. Yeah. I'm a little addicted.

Between Kitchen Confidential and Firefly, who needs cable? (Not me.)

But I have so stinking much work to do. I'm still painting cabinets, been doing a lot of massage/crainosacral therapy lately, I have a 4th of July party to plan, and I'm up to my armpits in designing a website for my neighbor's machining business (and I haven't even started to write the markup yet...).

Even without Hulu, I spend way too much time at the computer. All day I've been e-mailing samples and design ideas back and forth. (And I'm still using Nathan's computer while my TWO dead laptops are still out for the count.)

So I limit myself. But last night I was up until midnight working, so tonight, I'm outta gas and can afford a little Hulu fix with a chewy chocolate ginger cookie before I hit the hay...

See ya...


  1. TV- Bad

    Internet TV- Bad I think

    Commercials in them?

  2. "The following program is brought to you with limited commercial interruptions."

  3. What are you doin' to me girl? Never heard of this stuff and don't have time for it. Ah...watched two episodes of "KC" last night(read the book long time ago). 15 SECOND commercials!

    They don't have Martha.

  4. *murders Katie* So, yesterday mom was watching *ahem* "TV" and I totally didn't understand what they heck she was talking about till I read this post. Thank you very much. So wonderful.