Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm thoroughly enjoying my visit with my good friend, Debbie. We get along like a house on fire and we're having a great time. Technically, I'm here for cooking, cleaning, and babysitting, but that's all cake. It's kinda nice to just get out of my usual same-ol' same-ol' routine and do something different.

I even got to run out for a little clearance/thrift shopping today! I don't usually get to do that since I ordinarily only hitch up the buggy and head to the nearest small town for supplies about once a month. Ya gotta go to something more like a city for good bargains...

Look what I got myself brand-new for a whole dollar:

A hat! I've got me a hat! Gives me a little hip, urban edge, no? Alright, maybe nothing can make this country bumpkin all that hip, but it's fun to have a new remedy for a bad hair-day. And this here hat prolly does my cute little sister proud (looks like the one she wears, except it's in my colors), except I don't think I'll be wearing all cutely cocked to one side like she does. It's bad enough to wear my glasses that way...


  1. Heeheehee, I was going to say, GIMME THAT HAT! But I suppose it's about time you started wearing hats. Yes, m'dear, I'm very proud of you. When you were here you whined that you don't like hats, yada yada.... Well, now you'll find that hats hide dirty hair wonderfully (that is to say, your hair doesn't look dirty on a regular basis, just when you don't want to wash your hair....oh, forget it...)

  2. open mouth... insert hat. HA!

  3. yeah you look great!!! I like it!