Friday, March 5, 2010

And So It Begins

"It" being spring cleaning. It's almost spring, and the sun is shining. I planted greens in my cold frame, and we tapped our maple trees. These things inspire me to get a jump on my spring cleaning.

One of the tasks I tackled today involved going through all my food storage containers and matching lids to them and throwing away the lids and containers with no mate.

Actually, I set Jonah to it, and made myself some tea.

What use are children if not making them do the spring cleaning?

I always give my Mom a hard time about her yogurt container collection. I tell her she's getting to be like my dear, departed Grandma who saved every little disposable plastic cup and bag (know to her as sacks). Mom has epic stacks of quart-sized yogurt containers which she uses for storing leftovers and other food items. When you open the fridge, you're presented with dozens of them, and if you ask where something is, the answer is always "in a yogurt container."

I had to eat a little crow today as I realized that I am the same way with sour cream containers. I now have far more of those than I have of the Rubbermaid food storage set with the somewhat interchangeable blue lids that I got as a wedding present.

Also, I promise you that I have never in my life (to my recollection) bought ice cream in a bucket (because when I eat ice cream, I want it to be good). However, my Amish neighbors have somehow supplied me with a number of them and they are just so handy.

I was also stunned by the sheer quantity of containers in that drawer. I decided I just do not need so many containers and I should pare them down to essentials only. So I picked out three that I don't use very much and put all the rest back in the drawer. Hey, it's a start, right?

I managed to weed out a whole pile of lonely lids and even found a few lidless containers which can go out to the barn for use with the animals.

And yes, I am showing you this bit of utter mundanity on my blog.


  1. 1. This made me laugh.
    2. The containers you think you don't need store things like rice, beans, oats, chocolate chips, etc. and keep the mice out of them!
    3. That's the most comprehensive picture I've seen of your looks good!
    4. Now Jonah can work on my drawer/cabinet of containers.

  2. Ditto on the kitchen.. .I like it!! Funny isn't it that you were so excited you never showed us the finished project. that little bit about essentials... umm yeah... I got a good laugh on that one... I feel like that sometimes... I've had to do this chore WAY to many times in the last couple years, but slowly I'm trying to work over to clear containers.. cause then when you look in the fridge it reminds you what's there.