Friday, March 26, 2010

Einstein Has Left the Building

In my previous post, I mentioned that my blood doesn't seem to be making it to my gray matter any more. I'm not even joking about that. Really. I've had the house to myself all afternoon, and you'd think I'd be accomplishing things. I've been doing things all day, but I don't seem to have gotten anything done.

I had some sewing I wanted to do. I plugged in the iron, but I didn't turn it on. Waiting... waiting... I even started to iron with it, thinking it must be hot by now, and then realized my error. I then made all sorts of dumb mistakes on what I was sewing, so the project I was working on? Back to the beginning. Start over. Reset. Power flush.

So I went on to making a pan of enchiladas for supper. I put the tortillas in the toaster oven to warm. Waiting... waiting... Hello? Earlier I had unplugged the toaster oven for the iron (yeah, the one I didn't turn on...). So I got that straightened out, warmed the tortillas, and made the enchiladas, for which I didn't have enough sauce, because I somehow didn't make enough. Tried to make up for that with extra cheese. Put them in the oven and absentmindedly set the timer (which I usually don't do for casseroles-type things) and neglected to turn on the oven itself.

The list of things that I forget or don't think of on a daily basis these days is simply astounding.

Hello? Anybody in there? No?

I never really bought the whole "pregnancy brain" thing, but... dang.

The wheel is turning, but the hamster... oh, nevermind.


  1. Sounds like right brain not talking to left brain. Try tapping periodically under your nose. Dr. Hulin says it helps to re-establish the connection. --- Of course, it could be overload from visiting a house with a new baby for a week! Maybe you just need to chill with a good book!
    BTW. Love your pictures. Always!!!

  2. Yes, I guess it does sound like my brains aren't communicating... I'll make sure to tap my "dent" (as Jonah calls that spot).