Monday, March 15, 2010

Apple Fritters!

Jonah and I had to stop at the store for a couple things on our way home from the chiropractor's office.

(Aside: What is with this small-town grocery store that they are ALWAYS out of heavy cream? They have piles of half-n-half and fake creamer-crap, but they NEVER have cream! Or they only have one small container left! Hello, people, restock your cream! We're not all fat-phobes, ya know! Actually, I am a fat-phobe, but in a different way and that's why I don't drink pop! Oh, you should see the MOUNTAIN of a pop display in this store. Ick. Okay-- rant over.)

We had to walk past the bakery and thus the donuts. Just so we're clear, I think store-bought donuts of any kind are disgustipating. The male faction of my household would beg to differ. Anyway, Jonah was jonsin' for donuts, but I couldn't bear to buy them. I told him we'll make some donuts soon. "Toodaaaay? Pleeease?" I knew we wouldn't have time to make actual donuts today, but then I remembered that Pioneer Woman recently posted a recipe for Apple Fritters. As soon as I saw the recipe, I knew that my life wouldn't be complete until I made some.

They're actually very fast and easy to make. They're essentially muffin batter, deep fried. What could be better?

I used sprouted flour and sucanat and fried them in coconut oil (vegetable oil being from the devil and all), so they're actually pretty healthy...

These little babies are simply amazing. Yum, oh yum.

They disappeared in a hurry...

(Hey, recognize that face?)

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  1. jonah has been making that little scrunched up face since he was a wee babe! Ok if you overnight express some starter these will arrive in great shape! Arghhh seems like whenever I need to downsize everybody starts cookin the goodstuff. My friends are bringin fresh cream from the cow, what a blessing.