Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Medicine

My little sore throat and cough from the last post turned into a monster virus in a hurry. So I ended up spending all day yesterday in bed with a fever, which finally broke early this morning, but I'm just wiped out. So much for all the fun Christmasy things I was going to be doing this week... Maybe I can still get a little baking done tomorrow. And the gifts I was still working on finishing for some kids on my list will now be Epiphany gifts. Or midwinter gifts, depending on when I get back to them. Oh well. It's fun to get something new in the middle of winter, right?

Jonah spent the day with some friends yesterday, but today he's on the bed with me watching YouTube. We both just about suffered apoplexy over this one:

1 comment:

  1. Good medicine. Don't forget hot salt water gargles for the throat. Be careful what you take while pregnant including herbs.