Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside... we'll stay in and make gingerbread cookies.

With a -15 windchill at 9:00am this morning (don't want to know what it was during the night...), I'm more than happy to stay inside and bake. It's bad enough when I have to go outside for a few minutes to take warm water to the animals, poor things. It is just stinkin' cold and the wind is vicious. Feels like February around here-- oh how I wish it were...

The gingerbread people don't look like they're dressed for this weather...

Sundresses and Bermuda shorts, indeed.

Jonah's people look like I feel...

Is it spring, yet?


  1. Aww that's precious, he seems very adorable! (I saw your comment on Suzanne Cabrera's blog today!)

  2. Nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by!