Wednesday, October 21, 2009


And that's "refuse" as in [ref-yoos]–noun 1. something that is discarded as worthless or useless; rubbish; trash; garbage rather than [ri-fyooz] to decline to accept (something offered). Thus ends your vocabulary lesson for this post.

Eh-hem. I was going to say, before getting sidetracked by communication fundaments, that my husband is the king of dumpster diving.

And I mean that in the very best way possible.

Why, just look at these wonderful things he has found for me
on the side of the road. One man's trash, and all that.

This rocker-glider (while admittedly needing a cushion update) is the most comfortable rocker-glider you will ever sit it. I promise. You should come and try it out. Once you sit, you won't want to get out of it. It had a little something-or-other broken underneath it, and the rich owners of the lake house it lived in would rather buy something new, so out to the curb it went. Just in time for Nathan to drive by and rescue it. (Pay no attention to the paper-tape-and-string thing hanging from the door-handle in that picture. It is some sort of sign made by the four-year-old who lives here and involving a comment to the effect of "It's for signs and for seasons.")

And then there was this:

He arrived upon this on a heavy-trash day soon after we moved here. We had absolutely no storage in our bathroom (not even a sink-vanity or medicine cabinet) and all the necessary bathroom items were piled in a cardboard box for months. On this particular day, I sent him out with instructions not to come home without a chest-of-drawers, and see what he found! Perfect. Needs some paint and new hardware, and maybe someday I'll get to it.

He hauled this very heavy-duty dresser home before Jonah was born and it became a fantastic place to put baby clothes, burp cloths and diapers. It was missing a drawer, but a friend made one to match the other drawers quite nicely. It to, needs paint. Someday.

These are only a few of the trash-to-treasure finds we have around here. This list is long. (And I'm not even counting the free ads he answers! These are just things found sitting on the curb.) It's just so very satisfying to my frugal sensibilities-- especially when it's things we actually need. The common theme seems to be "free, needs work". But we don't mind work do we? Okay, so maybe I have a little trouble getting around to all the furniture-painting plans I have. Like I said, someday. Soon. Really!

All this to show-and-tell his latest find:

A headboard for our bed! I've been wanting a headboard for a long time! I've been scheming ways to re-purpose something like an old wooden door (I still love that idea, Nathan still hates it) as a headboard. But no longer! I have a lovely wooden (and red, no less!) headboard in remarkably good shape needing nothing more than a couple screws!

I'm married to such a cleaver and resourceful guy!


  1. Very, very cool!

    Love the headboard.

    I like the green checked cushion on the rocker. It goes well with the walls.

    But I'm an old lady.

  2. Hey, I can see he hasn't lost his touch!

  3. And that is a big Amen! God provides!!!