Sunday, October 4, 2009

Because We Are A Sugar-Free Household

I am a health nut.

An unconventional sort of health nut, but a health nut just the same. I have all kinds of ideas, and I try to keep from obsessing.

One thing I know for sure and certain-- sugar does not health make.

But you know what? I'm not sure I care anymore.

At least, I don't care sometimes.

I have decided that life is too short for sugar-free. I eat healthy and still had surgery for appendicitis, didn't I?

That is why I instituted Special Treat Sundays. Um... I instituted Special Treat Sundays long before the appendicitis, but so what. That doesn't matter. The point is-- on Sundays sometimes, I throw prudence out the window (sorry, Prudence) and make something extra yummy.

Special Treat Sunday really only exists in my head, but there is a reason for that. See, I don't want anyone to hold me too it. If I let Jonah know about this, he'll never let a Sunday go by without a Special Treat. And if I want to sit by the fire and read a book all day and not actually make any food, then I want that to be an option. So Jonah can't know about this institution. That way, he never expects anything, just feels extra loved when hey! Mommy made cookies!

And if I have a severe craving for brownies on Thursdays, I just tell myself that it's only 3 more days until Special Treat Sunday. And then I go have a piece of chocolate.

I also rarely make supper on Sundays. It's my "day off". (Ha.) If I make a Special Treat, I figure we can subsist on it for the rest of the day, because it's Special Treat Sunday, and scrounge if more food is required.

Today, we ate apple cake with vanilla ice cream at 4 in the afternoon.

At bedtime, we had popcorn. Jonah had warm milk and went to bed. I had crackers and cheese and kohlrabi pickles. Nathan had more apple cake. I will have more apple cake.

Special Treat Sunday.

It should be a Martha Stewart Good Thing.

(Apologies for the bluish and blurry photos. I'm too lazy to edit them. It's Sunday. My day off, remember?)

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  1. Practical, having a kid that hasn't learned yet to read Mom's blog.