Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to Keep Up...

I've been trying to write a post here all day.

And yesterday, too.

But I've been busy.

And hot. Very hot.

Actually, it's not the heat so much as it's the sauna that goes with it.

Cuz I can take heat. Dry heat. But this drippyness is getting to be a bit much.

Yes, summer has hit me in all it's sweaty, butt-busting glory.

I get up as soon as I can crack my eyelids in the morning and I fall into bed at night when they start insistently slamming shut. It doesn't seem like very much time goes by in between those parts of the day.

I'm really still catching up from my vacation --weeding and mulching-- as well as doing the usual work for the season-- late planting, picking, canning, herb-collecting, household damage control...

Some days, I admit, I feel almost on the verge of despair because I am only one person and can't seem to complete everything. But then I sit on the front porch for a few minutes to cool off with a glass of iced tea, and I realize that I don't care if everything doesn't get done. It'll all be there tomorrow, and I'm glad for it.

But summer is still my favorite part of the year.

I love the sheer abundance of it.

And the tastyness, too!

There's something indescribable about going out to the garden each evening to pick some supper. About seeing everything grow like crazy. About being so deliciously sun-soaked.

Not so much on the "sweat-soaked" part, but I'll get along alright.


  1. I'll come help you!!!

    ....Anything to get my away from here.....

  2. HERE it is a glorious, not humid, 80 something. Lyssa has no idea what she's wishing for...

    The cherries look great.

    I wish I had that sink.