Friday, June 12, 2009

Never Seen Anything Quite Like It...

While I was digging around in the weed patch that is my garden, I came across these sons-a-guns:

Yeah, they really are that big.

I have never seen radishes get that big without going to seed and getting all yucky. In fact, I've never seen them go to seed with roots this big. I've grown this kind before, but I guess they were extra happy this time! (Or maybe it's because I planted them on a root day!) I had seen these out there before I left for Oregon, but they were small, so I left them, figuring that if Nathan didn't find them, they'd be bolted by the time I got home. Wasn't I surprised.

And believe it or not, they're tender and spicy and delicious! Who'd a thunk it?


  1. come by and peek at my garden things are really growing. those are whopper radishes. do you water with steroids?

  2. I don't see you at my blog much and I don't want you to miss this. I know you will love it.