Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Okay, well we saw no lions, one bear, and barely got a peak at a sleeping tiger.

But there are plenty of other attractions at the Oregon Zoo!

Like zebras!

And giraffes!

And really cute kids!

It was so much fun to see their excitement at getting "up close and personal" with the animals.

When I say "up close and personal," I mean UP CLOSE...

...and PERSONAL.

Very, very personal.

Jonah was just hilarious in his excitement. He was almost hysterical with delight, especially in the places where he could stand by glass and see the underwater creatures.

(Yes, those are his "tighty whities" there. He was jumping up and down with glee and didn't even notice that his pants almost didn't make it out of the stroller with him. Am I cruel to find this hilarious?)

The animals were cute and fun to watch, but I just couldn't resist all the cute kids.

Seriously. They're pretty hard to ignore.

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