Friday, January 30, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson

Scene: We just finished eating supper. After clearing the table, we retire to the "breakfast bar" where Nathan checks the news on his laptop, I check my e-mail on my laptop and Jonah plays a game on his toy laptop. (Pathetic, I know. Don't we know how to spend our family time?)

Jonah: "Look, Daddy! Look what I did!"

Daddy: "Oh, very good!"

Jonah: "Can you put it on your blog, Daddy?"

Mommy and Daddy bust up laughing.

Daddy: "Sorry to tell you, son, but I do not blog."

More chuckling from the parental department.

Mommy: "Isn't that funny? He has the word 'blog' in his vocabulary!"

Daddy: "There's only one reason he knows that word and it's the letter 'U'."


  1. Such a cute story! Perhaps Jonah needs this shirt :