Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ope, Scratch That One Off the List

I've been wanting to go see this, but now I guess I don't have to.


  1. I added you to my blog roll and mentioned you in my post today which may increase your traffic. I really like your blog. So this new movie is less than original huh? I liked Forest Gump but there was a lot of cussing way to much. I actually prefer for there to be none.

  2. That is hIlarious.
    I've seen both movies and it's true!
    Who the heck thinks of this stuff anyway!?

  3. Mom, this actually came from the scathing and angry hateful minds at Pajiba. It's a (fairly vile and profane) movie review blog/site, and they hated this movie a lot. They did a list of the top 5 worst movies of 2008, and The Curious Case... was all 5, just made fun of 5 different ways. Pretty funny.

  4. Yes, I should have credited Kristin with pointing me to that video, because no, I haven't actually read said vile and profane website.