Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kitteh Lub

Jonah and I were enjoying the kittens the other day.

Not sure that the kittens were enjoying us.

They all have names, given by Jonah.

Grizzly Bear, Pumpkin, Noodle, Squash and Squash.

Yes, both calicoes are named "Squash."

The kittens are cute, but Jonah is cuter.

I'm biased, though.


  1. Wow has he changed since June!

    What is that kid eating?

    Thank you, Jonah, for doing pictures for Grandma!

  2. Um, eggs and butter and cod liver oil and broccoli and butter and green beans and sourdough bread and butter and fresh goat milk and... :-)

    I can send you the high-res photos if you want.

  3. I wants kitties.

    Actually, the names are really good, even if two have the same one. Still creative and a good variety. What's the black ones name (that you're holding)?

  4. It's actually a really pretty bluish gray and his name is "Smokey" of course.

    I think I might post some cute photo ads on Craigslist...

  5. Weston Price would praise your teeth! Look at that boy! I would have to keep every single one of those kittens they are gorgeous!