Monday, August 3, 2009


Sometimes when I'm really busy, I get so behind on posting, that I don't know where to start. It's like I just freeze. Can't go forward, can't go backward.

In effort to alleviate the congestion in my brain, here are the things I could post about, but I'm not (as you clearly can see).

~I could tell you about the two boer goats that showed up on my doorstep (do bard doors have doorsteps?) tonight. They're cute little girls --Pebble and Izzy-- who arrived here free for hauling due to herd downsizing. And I could mention that they're sporting USDA-issue ear tags and movement papers. Which bothers me. Just a little. Or a lot.

~I could tell you about the van we bought. Another junker. A real clunker. A total ker-plunker.

~I could tell you how Nathan's spent a whole day just bringing the dang thing home and the poor guy is just fried. And he's still working on it. After having a heck of a time loading it onto a dolly, then getting it stuck in a driveway, calling a towtruck for a pull, jackknifing it on the way into our driveway (which is an incline-- hard to get the angles right with the speed necessary to get up the hill), sending me down to the neighbor's for a team of horses (the neighbor brought them, not me) to pull the van, still on the dolly, up into the driveway, then working all the rest of the day at getting the bleepety-bleep off the dolly... He's just so done. Did I mention that the transmission is bad, so the front wheels are locked up? Yeah, that's why. It's a mess.

~It's not off the dolly as of this writing, by the way.

~Oh, AND the dolly's owner is taking said dolly on a long trip Wednesday morning.

~I could write about how I've been ignoring my house in favor of... doing other things... and it looks like a bomb went off in here.

~I could lament about my struggles as a wannabe homeschooler with a four year old child who is obsessed with letters and numbers (do you know he was doing math the other day? Adding and subtracting groups of grain buckets on the kitchen floor. It was... stunning.) and on the verge of learning to read, but nooooot quiiiite theeere. So I can't just pile up the books, I have to think of creative ways to fuel his burgeoning passions. And I'm... lazy.

~I could tell you about the new bald spots on my head from this same child's ability to get into all sorts of trouble just out of sheer curiosity.

~Dang, that kid needs a brother.

~I could write about the volunteer sunflower that came up in my garden and is currently pushing 12 feet tall. It's nothing short of a tree. But maybe I'll wait until it blooms and post a picture of it.

~I could post about how I tried to light a pot of boiling grease on fire and then dump boiling water on myself, but I won't. Suffice it to say that God is very good and sends his angels to have charge over us. (Mom, you're looking rather pale. Don't worry, I'm exagerating. A little.)

~And then there's also the ridiculously cool whether we've had. Come ON. This is August in Michigan. I can't say I mind the cool nights --as my Dad says "this is sleepin' weather"-- but I wouldn't mind some daytime temps in the 80's. I'll be very unhappy if winter arrives without having had any summer to get me through.

~Or I could tell you how I've gotten myself adicted to yet another series on Hulu... Castle, and it's really kinda fun... I've never cared for CSI type shows (ugh, BORING), but this one is light and funny, so I could get into it... And maybe I'll stop my blabbering and head over to Hulu...


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you about this cruddy MI weather. We got a pool this year and the water was warm for about a week, back in June. I'd really like to go to the beach and not wear a jacket. I don't even mind a late summer. My kids can swim while everyone else is in school. I love homeschooling. :)

  2. Hey, in the new "Cash for Clunkers" program, aren't you supposed to get rid of crappy cars? Where's your patriotism?

  3. Oooh, that's another thing all together! Soooo... now that the government owns the car companies, it's going to knuckle us into buying only new cars? Arg.

  4. sometimes life is just like that. Another baby would be a lovely addition to the family.
    sorry about the van, any cash for clunkers going on over there?
    We aren't into borrowing money but i was tempted since we have a qualifying vehicle.
    If we lived closer to MI I'da sent my hunny to help out. shoot I would help out, that would give me a lift.