Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's chilly and rainy here today, and to make matters worse, I am miserably sick. So I made a pot of tea.

There is just nothing like a pot of tea to make me feel better.

Too bad I couldn't taste it. I could have saved myself the cost of the actual tea and made hot water since that's about all I got out of it.

Anyway, that's not the point of my meandering. Jonah loves tea almost as much as his Mommy, so he had some, too.

Sometimes I wonder if he lies in bed at night thinking up ridiculous and nonsensical questions to ask me. He asks a lot of them.

So I gave him his cup of tea and he said, "Mom? What does tea turn into?"

I didn't miss a beat. "Pee."

I savored the grin that spread across his face. "Tea turns into pee? Tea turns into pee!"

Imagine, if you will, the delight that that sort of joke brings to a four-year old boy.



  1. Rosie - My one liner when my kids asked for a 2nd cup of tea was - "Tea makes you pee". Not much different than you! The one that used to ask is now 24 and has blessed me with a grandson.

    I am new to this blogging stuff, but we crossed paths because we both put Bible Reading as a hobby. If you have time, please read my blog, and I will continue to do likewise.

    I've got to ask - What's it like being married to a pastor? My husband is just a realtor! Lol

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Your comment made me smile!

    As for being married to a pastor, well, my job is the same as that of any wife-- ministering to my husband! :-) I always say that my job is to make sure he can do his job(s).

  3. hope you feel better and that was a great joke! ha I laughed, well I was thinking about your kid getting a giggle from his MOM saying that.
    the good news is if you can't taste, you can't taste that cod liver oil! So have an extra dollop to get over the crud. It's no fun to have the crud. I can't believe so many people are already cooling off, I really need to move. It's still hotter than blue blazes out here.

  4. Oh wow! What an absolutely perfect answer to an inquisitive little boy.
    Hope you feel better soon