Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shoes and Hat!

Jonah's Auntie Lyssa made him this cute little hat (which, in order to see, you'll have to excuse the blur that is the result of a little boy who refuses to sit still for pictures anymore...)

He wears it with his pajamas. And sleeps with it. Insistently.

She even put his name on it! In case he... uh... forgets... in his sleep...

Anyway, it's very cute, and he loves it. (For a three-year-old, sleeping with an object is the ultimate display of attachment).

My Grandma likes to get me warm things. She grew up in Minnesota and she knows the meaning of cold. Those cozy, thick red flannel sheets on my bed? From Grandma, because she's very frozen-arctic-savvy. So this year, she ordered us slippers. Yay! As we all know, I would perish without slippers.

So a big box came in the mail, shipped directly from the company. Nathan got his slippers, and while I thought mine were backordered, I got these cute little numbers to fill in the gap:

They fit, and they're actually kind of comfy... but... wow.

Nathan made me put them away before he hurled all over them and rendered them unreturnable. I think they're kind of... um... fun.

We also got a pair of giant's moccasins, and since we're all short people here, those'll be the first to go back.

I finally called the company today and will be sending back the two pairs of interesting footwear, and they'll be sending me my much needed slippers.


  1. EEEEE!!! He likes it! Sweet! I'm gladdddd!!

    ....and those shoes aren't funky- I like funky, those shoes are just WEIRD.

  2. I love your shoes! Your son reminds me of my nephew that lived in his spiderman costume for about three weeks. lol. His mother had a heck of a time washing it.