Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fancy a Trip to Australia?

Cuz I think that might be just about SOUTH enough for me...

I like the story of the guy who strapped a snow shovel onto the hood of his car and started to drive south. When people started consistently asking what that thing was on his car, he knew he'd gone far enough.

I think I know why I've been having a hard time blogging lately. It's cold in here where my computer is. I spend most of the day with the woodstove practically attached to my behind (not sure how I get anything done that way... I do have a problem in that every time I walk by it, I have to stop and roast my tooshie.) Last winter, the dining table was still right next to the woodstove, so I had my laptop permanently parked there and I could easily sit there and edit photos and blog about them. Now I have to brave the cold office, or bring my computer out by the fire with involves pulling up a chair to sit in plus a chair to set the computer on AND unplugging my machine from it's multitudinous USB hookups and caaaaarryiiiing it allll the way oooout into the liiiiving room and plugging it in and then fighting with my finicky wireless card that only connects according to it's whim of the moment. Frankly, that's an awful lot of work to do. I know. My life is hard. (Hello? Wireless network in my house? And I don't take advantage of it at every available oportunity? I'm a freeek. And whiny.)

So I'll try to do better.

I got all my Christmas mailing done yesterday. It was insane. But now it's done. Also, I just have to say-- I'm so thankful for Flat Rate Boxes. Yay, even though I still did spendethed my birthright on priority shipping.

Fortunately, I'm not quite self-effacing enough to post pictures (because I forgot to take them) of the aftermath in my house after all the baking, wrapping, boxing etc. that was involved in getting all my mailing done in one day.

But now that it's done, I can relax and enjoy Christmas (e-hem) and get started on a long winter of whining on my blog about winter! Weee!


  1. I am in the same predictament. When I sit at my computer I get cold. If I am moving around more, I stay warm. I too, love my tush connected to the woodstove. lol.

    I have been thinking a lot about hawaii. Although, I do love the snow and have been enjoying that. It's when it's dark and rainy - bleh. That's when I am ready to move to the tropics.

  2. Freeek has an A in it, luv. Freak. not freek. or Freeek.

    ...Gosh, you freak.... ^_^

  3. Oh, I forgot to brag about how warm it is in the computer/dining/kitchen room. Sit at the computer and still be warm....

  4. Yeah, Hawaii is much higher up on my list than Australia...

    And my dear sister-- It's just a little artistic license, savvy?