Monday, December 29, 2008

Just to Prove to You How Wierd We Really Are

(I quake to post this story. Now you will know the deep level of our strange.)

I was making breakfast and I when I put the eggshells in the compost bucket, I noticed it was very full and on top was a little mountain of gross-looking dirt. And first thing in the morning, that makes me gag a little. So I asked Nathan, in my sweetest gaggy voice, "Did you dump than hand-vac into the compost bucket?"

Nathan: "No, I swept the mudroom floor."

Me: "And dumped it in the compost? That grosses me out..."

N: "You have turkey feet and eggshells simmering on the stove. Surely that is grosser." [Don't ask. --ed.]

M: "No, that's food. But this is yucky dirt in the compost bucket where I am making food. Why not dump it in your bucket?"

N: "There's a hole in my bucket" "That's for wood bits for starting the fire. Dirt doesn't really burn..."

M: "So dump it outside."

N: "It's a big pile of dirt to just toss outside!"

M: "You know what's outside? Piles of dirt."


  1. Dirts okay....

    Turkey feet and eggshells on the other hand... Eeewwwww, food?? Eeeeewwww...O_O

  2. No, just the broth that they produce. Lots of good gelatin and minerals.

  3. Um, again, I repeat, EEWWWWWWWW

    I'll take dirt over that voodoo stuff any day.