Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reason For My Strong Dislike of Michigan in the Winter, # 43,589

She's got her butt in the road, and she ain't goin' in er out.

I just wanted to go get some milk.


  1. I had a van like that. I ruined any snow in it's path. I'm not sure what your problem is Katie...

  2. You never "ruined" any snow in Michigan. This is different.


  3. By the way, Kristin-- that van has your old rear gate on it. The "Obsidian" sticker is still there but now it says "Obsidia" since the "n" came off...

    Your van lives on.

  4. lol! I don't mean to laugh. Your title made me laugh for one. That's a lot of reasons! Maybe someone will take out the rear and get the rest of that sticker off.

  5. Hey Katie,
    Here in Oregon we have eight degrees, drifting, blowing snow, frozen pipes, highways closed, and church canceled. I have reserved a backhoe at the rental center to plow out church on Christmas Eve. There is a snow emergency in Hood River this morning. This really reminds me of my childhood in Northern Michigan. I am so thankful for my fifty year old Moline tractor. It has gotten a real workout these past few days.

  6. That's sick- the Obsidian sticker was pretty exclusive back when I was rollin in the purple wagon. That shop closed years ago. Please never take it off. And maybe send a photo of it...

    And the van killed it going to Hood for work every day. I think the conditions might be similar to Michigan

  7. Dad--
    Wow! That's unusual for your part of the world! How much snow did you end up with? We have a windchill of -22 right now and a actual of 1 degree. The wind and drifting snow are terrible.

    My problem is that I didn't thaw and scrape the back windshield so I had to slow down and look when I was backing out. The snow is so cold with a layer of ice that I couldn't get it going again... oops. My bad. Nathan and some Amish guys got it out, though, and I sent Nathan over to the neighbor's for milk.

  8. Kristin, you whined all over the place when I got you that van. You wanted nothing to do with a mini-van. Time obviously changes memories.

    Katie, How much snow? It never fails that every day about four in the afternoon I go out to clear the driveway and it starts snowing hard. Right now a couple of feet and still coming. I was over doing Parkers this afternoon and the drifts were impossible. I absolutely beat the tractor up. Then I managed to hit the siding of Parkers house with the blade. Not good!