Sunday, August 10, 2008


To make up for my boring story earlier today, and to further prove my boring uneventfulness, I thought I would enthrall and entertain you with my To Do List for the next two days. I currently have two and a half days until we get on a plane, Oregon-bound, Lord willing. I say that, "Lord willing" because I have gone to get on a plane before, but not actually got on a plane like I had planned. Twice. (Hey! I just thought of a story I could tell!) The first time was, well... plane crashes and buildings burning-- I think you know the story. The second time was an over-vigilant airline people. So twice in a row, I didn't fly. (Remind me to tell you that story some time!)

So yes, two and a half days and much to accomplish. So without further ado, here is my todo:


  1. Make breakfast while explaining that we cannot live by pancakes alone, so we can't actually have pancakes EVERY day.
  2. Read blogs. Check e-mail very quickly.
  3. Hem up Nathan's new jeans by 1 3/4 inches.
  4. Wonder aloud with some slight cursing why Wal*Mart can't sell their $9 jeans in more exact sizes.
  5. Distract Jonah from crying for a snack because we just ate forpetesakes.
  6. Vacuum floors so I can delude myself into thinking that I won't come home to a scummy house.
  7. Dust.
  8. Vacuum again because in dusting I messed up my floors.
  9. Not really on the vacuuming again because I am WAY too lazy a housekeeper for that.
  10. You're hungry again? you got a hole in your leg, kid?
  11. Grout tile countertop.
  12. Can peaches.
  13. Realize the peaches are not quite ripe yet.
  14. Some slight cursing of the people who sold me unripe peaches four days before my leaving on a trip.
  15. Garden work.
  16. Rend my garments and weep because my tomatoes are just getting ripe and I am leaving.
  17. Get over it because I'm GOING TO VISIT MY FAMILY!
  18. Notice that pickles need to be done... again.
  19. Ignore them.
  20. Think about cleaning the bathroom.
  21. Think the better of it and go read blogs.
  22. Realize that it's 6:00 and I don't know what supper is.
  23. Wash dishes.
  24. Wrangle a monkey to bed with much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  25. Get to bed at a decent time for cryinoutloud! (Haha. Yeah, right.)

  1. Make breakfast while explaining AGAIN that we cannot live by pancakes alone, so we can't actually have pancakes EVERY day.
  2. Start laundry.
  3. Read blogs. Check e-mail very quickly.
  4. Hang out laundry.
  5. Wash more laundry.
  6. Snack for child.
  7. Give up and put all further loads in the dryer.
  8. Dig out luggage from under avalanche that is my storage room.
  9. More laundry.
  10. Mix up bread to bake and put in freezer so I don't have to do it when we get back.
  11. Question my sanity on the bread subject.
  12. Start packing things into suitcase.
  13. Take out half of it in order to try to fit the most essential things into ONE suitcase.
  14. Some slight cursing of airlines.
  15. Another snack?!?!!??
  16. Pack Jonah's "packpack" with fun stuff to do on airplane.
  17. Debate with myself the wisdom of allowing a three-year-old to have markers on a plane.
  18. Put stuff in suitcase.
  19. Take it out.
  20. Put stuff in suitcase.
  21. Wonder if we really need more than three pairs of underwear each.
  22. Pack my backpack with airplane snacks and a novel that I probably won't even crack open.
  23. Show Amish neighbor kid in great detail how to take care of my chickens and water my flowers.
  24. Make list of above chores just in case he forgets anything.
  25. Fret that something will be forgotten and my flowers and/or chickens will be dearly departed when I get home.
  26. Get over it because I'm GOING TO VISIT MY FAMILY!
  27. Realize that again, I don't know what supper is.
  28. Throw some grub on the table.
  29. Clean it off and wash dishes.
  30. Wrangle monkey, etc, etc.
  31. Tie up loose ends.
  32. Make list of things not to forget when we walk out the door for the airport.
  33. Get to bed before 1:00
I'm tired already.

I am going to try to practice the whole "bed at a decent time" thing.


  1. You forgot - "post on my blog with plenty of pictures so my mom will have something to read about us. At LEAST twice a day."

    Love it.
    Wanna see my list? I'm having LOTS and LOTS of company! AND my mother is going to have surgery mid-week. And...
    Oh, never mind. It's not my blog.

  2. Yo sistah that you will see on WednesdayAugust 11, 2008 at 1:00 PM

    You.....sound amazingly like mom. CLEAN THE HOUSE THREE TIMES??? GOSH! Why can you just leave the house and forget about it the way it is. Come home, and then you have something to distract yourself cause you want to go back. Or SOMETHING. What's with all the cleaning???

    Oooooh, yes, number 4 of the first list, I had that exact same problem yesterday. Stupid Wallyworld!