Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Points on our Return

  • It's always tough to come back home. We walked out of the airport at 12:30 in the morning into the stinking, muggy air and said, "Oh, dang. We live in Michigan."
  • When our first flight landed in Denver, Jonah started squealing and yelling, "Oh yaaaaaay! We did it! That was a great time!" and everyone around us laughed.
  • When we landed in Detroit, Jonah sighed with self-satisfaction: "Ah. I'm so glad I did it. I flew the airplane all the way here."
  • The last 20 minutes of the drive home were, well, agony. Nathan was very tired and I was trying to keep my eyes open and keep talking to him and it's a wonder we didn't sleep in the ditch.
  • And when the roosters (yes, that's plural) started crowing right under my window this morning, I got up and threw a Kleenex box at them.
  • A little while ago, I discovered that Jonahs back-pack full of books, trucks, toys, markers and gifts from Grandma is still at the Park'n'Ride near the airport. It's kind of a long ways away. I have to call back on Monday to ask about having it shipped to me.
  • I am so tired, it hurts.
  • And it's awfully lonely around here.
  • But at least I didn't walk in the door and start bawling like I used to a few years ago. I'm all about improvement.
  • What the heck time is it, anyway?


  1. Random Points on your departure.

    *Life is boring
    *Guess what? Yesterday and today were GREAT days weather wise. Why, you ask? Because Katie left, I say.
    *Yeah, life is still boring.
    *Can't help but think "Doughnut! Where aaaarrreee you!"
    *Boring days.
    *Depression when you remember that Doughnut isn't there. Nor sister to bug.
    *Didn't I mention how boring life becomes?
    *I go from NEVER reading my book because I'm to busy hanging with my sister and nephew (and brother in law), to reading half my book....Oh the good ol' days. Or not.
    *Boring...Okay, you get the point.

    Come back?

  2. I feel that withdrawl, hermana. More crazy cuz I'm by myself in a foreign land... and it's dirty. Can I just wash my hands after using the bathroom for once?
    Nice work on not crying

    And I think Alyssa is bored