Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plumber's Crack-- Now with Applesauce!

This morning Jonah and I picked up the apples off the ground around one of our apple trees. I was feeling discouraged about how wasteful it is to have three apple trees that are practically useless due to years of neglect. One of them makes decent apples that are only a little buggy, but the tree is so tall that the only way to get the apples is to wait until the fall on the ground. Some of them are near perfect except for the cracks and bruises where they hit the ground. So I checked my complaining attitude and told Jonah how thankful we should be that God gave us some apples this year (last year we had none!). After an hour cutting off the bad parts and salvaging what was good, we made sauce.

That was at 2:00 this afternoon. The sauce is still not all canned up though, because since then my sink and stove have been in the process of being moved.

This is the apprentice we have on the job. He doesn't have a full plumbers crack because, being and apprentice, he still has a little modesty left. So he keeps his underwears up when the pants slip down.

Here's the master. He doesn't bother with plumber's cracks.

He does, however, make 9:00pm runs to the store for more parts.

If the planets align in my favor and fate smiles and the cracks are free of applesauce, I might get to wash dishes (and finish canning applesauce) in my NEW kitchen tonight before I go to bed.

It might be a looooong night.


  1. Utterly awesome!

    The sauce and the kitchen!

    You must have Ginger Golds there too for apples so early...

  2. I cannot convey to you how much I love your blog. Lemmie try. Me gusta muchisima!
    Okay, that did it.
    Tell Jonah Tio Kris said "Gangster gangster homie!"