Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday we took Jonah to the Memorial Day Parade in a nearby very-small (as in blink-and-you'll-miss-it) town. I went for the Garden Club plant sale, but by the time we got there, almost every thing was gone. What with the early-birds and worms and all.

Jonah didn't much care for the solemn Three Volleys of Civil War Gunshot, but after that came the tractors:

And clowns!

And more tractors! Literally every antique tractor (rust allowed but not mandated) in three surrounding counties was there. Jonah added a few to his repertoire of tractor names and colors. The red McCormack Farmall is his new favorite.

(Oh! Look again. Those were actually not the same tractor in the previous two photos! See? I wasn't kidding!)

Oh, an there was candy being thrown (but skimpy this year. I'm thinking they were spending too much on gas with the tractors and classic cars to splurge much on candy).

And then the firetrucks. Again, every truck from every town in the whole county was there complete with lights and sirens. Someone told me that one year the firemen all dressed as clowns for the parade and then had to split in the middle of the parade for a fire. Now they just wear their uniforms.

Floats? Who needs floats when we have tractors and firetrucks and classic cars (as well as hot rods carrying every Miss Teen, Junior Miss, Tiny Miss, Little Miss and all the runners up from every town for miles around?)

It's all about the tractors, baby.

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  1. Sweet, thats what the back of my head will look like in 4 years