Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, You Belong in A Zoo!

...You look like a monkey, you act like one, too!

Happy birthday, Jonah!


  1. Ahhh sick! So rad, that kid. When my online banking with my Swiss account gets set up, I'll get some pay pal action and you can get him a late B-day gift from Uncle KRZA. FOr some reason, it takes a week for the Swiss to set up online banking. WTF mate? Apparently their banking computers Commodores or some other ancient garbage and monkey operate them while eating lice off of each other...
    I mean, not really, but you hafta wonder what the hell is going on when it takes a WEEK

  2. Happy Birthday, Jonah! You and Elise are growing too quickly... seems like just yesterday... I hope your day was special! PS - LOVE the hat!