Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend Visit

Nathan's parents just left this morning after their all-to-short visit from Minnesota. Jonah sure had fun with his Opa and Oma. And I do believe they had fun with him.

Opa's a good playmate:

Aaaand that's all I have to say about that.

But Opa reads! So Opa read a story. Go Tell It to the Toucan is a hilariously cute story made even funnier by a silly Grandpa.

J: "Can you read ah Toucan Book?"

O: "Looks like a Threecan book to me."

J: "No, TOUCAN!"

O: Opens book, "'Hey, today is my birthday!' said the elephant one morning. 'I'll go tell it to the threecan..."


O: "Then he'll tell everybody and we can have a party! A birthday Jamboree! Old Jumbo looked around him, but he couldn't find the threecan..."

J: "Tou! Can!"

O: "... the threecan, so instead he told the tiger, 'Today is my birthday! Please go tell it to the threecan..."

J: "Toucan."

O: Et cetera... "...Please to tell it to the threecan..."

J: "Toucan"

After about 28 times, Jonah just really couldn't believe that Opa could be that dense. He must have realized that you have to be patient with senile old men, but he still didn't pass up a single opportunity to gently correct him--"Toooooucan."

Anyway, they had tons of fun. And my Mother-in-law washes my dishes. I love that (but I always make sure to politely protest the first time...).

And Nathan politely drank extra coffee (as if he minded, hmmmmm.) with his Dad. They were pretty much swimmin' in the stuff...

Ahh so, a good time was had by all. Too bad they live so stinkin' far away. But at least they're within a day's drive (unlike some other family I can think of...) Hopefully they'll be back for Thanksgiving-- provided gas isn't $25/gal.

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