Friday, May 9, 2008


Since I posted an embarrassing photo of my sister last time, I thought it only fair that I post an embarrassing photo of the rest of us and even the score. (Naturally, this is all well before Samuel and Peter's time, and they're still to young for embarrassing photos.)

That's me on the bottom, the one in the loud shirt (what was I thinking?). I believe I must have been about 11. And there's Kristin, beside me, the one with the tongue. And above us is Neal, always in the middle, always the goof. And triumphantly, at the top, is Seth. He was the pesky yet good-natured little brother, generally left out of "big kid stuff". I think his triumph is not only in being on top, but in being on top of us.

And then comes the inevitable:

We all fall down. And just like that-- the silly, fun mood was lost, and I think someone punched someone else and someone started to cry.

Ah, good times.


  1. Love it!!

    Thank you for my laugh for the day.
    When I first spotted the top picture, I thought it was a picture of Peter (Seth)!

    This pic is now my desktop background for Mother's Day weekend!

    Love you lots!

  2. Such a great photo. I love it. And it hurts. And itches.

    We were so pocito! I still remember that like it was syesterday.

    and a world without Sam and Peter? What a strange and uninteresting place...

    and mom has a sick trigger finger

  3. It's a little better but not as bad as a stuffed animal I've had since I was two!

    You'll need to do a little more then that to earn my forgiveness.


    And yes, your shirt is...well, aaanyway.

  4. Eerr that was me, forgetting to type in a name. :P

  5. "and mom has a sick trigger finger"

    And remember, my old camera did not have an automatic advance...