Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Brought Home a WHAT?

My husband is a self-acknowledged scrounge. He brings home all sorts of free stuff, sometimes very useful, and sometimes not so much.

Today, at lunch-time, Jonah suddenly headed for the door and said, "I go out and see Daddy!"

"Uh... Daddy's not here."

Two seconds later Jonah scrambles back in the house, shrieking in terror. And I go out and find Nathan with this:

(Are you ready for this?)


And this:

Stunned silence. Crickets chirp. Maaaah!

I'm guessing he's 3-4 months old, an unaltered buck. He does have horns, but so far only uses them to scratch his back. And he's lonely. He cries when we walk away. And Jonah is completely terrified of him.

Oh, and Nathan corrected me-- he didn't bring home a useless goat, he brought home a lawnmower.

What with gas prices and all. (Insert your own joke about gas prices versus grass prices here)


  1. It's a goat!!! You have a goat katie!!! Hoowwww awesome!!!

  2. Right, but did you notice the part about "unaltered buck with horns"??

  3. Yessss, but it's still a goat! :) don't be so pessimistic.

  4. If it's Nathan's favorite price, anything can get a ride home with him!

  5. Unaltered buck with horns, read: Head-butting plaything with potential to make a whole heard of goats