Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Waiting

The waiting is hard. Tedious. And I'm tired.

But I'm just trying to keep busy and on with normal life while we wait.  It can't go on forever, and suddenly life will change drastically and it will take a while to find a new normal.

My Momma is here!  While I feel a little sorry that she's just waiting around with us, I'm also glad she's here to wait with us!  The boys are having fun with her, and we're doing lots of visiting...

...and there's lots getting done around here, too!

There are so many projects and chores that I've been letting go, out of necessity and fatigue.

But Mom has energy and time and she's getting to many of my neglected things.

Although, perhaps these projects are occasionally prompted by my own stupidity-- like breaking a gallon jar of apple cider all over the kitchen floor first thing in the morning.  Can you imagine that mess?  My kitchen was flooded with sticky cider and shards of glass.  Mom spent half the morning mopping and wiping and moving the fridge, and then she just kept going and wiped down the cabinets and appliances and washed windows... and now my kitchen is sparkly!  Just in time for me to drop and break a jar of maple syrup the next morning!

Yes, it's true.  You just can't make this stuff up.

Help.  I'm a first-class klutz.

So anyway.  We're waiting.

Waiting for a baby, who's evidently very comfortable right where he/she is, thankyouverymuch, to make an appearance.  I got a chiropractic adjustment and had some acupuncture in effort to prepare my body and try to dislodge this little person, but so far, we're still waiting.

Evan seems to know something's up.  He's very clingy and constantly wants me to hold him while he sucks his thumb and wraps his hands in my hair.  He's not ready to stop being Mommy's baby just yet.  So this Mommy will have two babies for a while, and that's just fine...

...so let's hurry up and get that other baby here!


  1. I still say a girl on the 8th of Oct. I LOVE the pic of Evan with his hands on Pam's!!!

  2. Oh, thinking often of you! Praying for a special, wonderful, precious, delivery for mom, dad and baby! God bless you (and God bless that Mom of yours!!!!! What a wonderful woman to have around!)

  3. Ok. I'm praying for this baby to come.

    So good your mama is there! After all her cleaning up maybe she can make you a pie! And then send me the leftovers!!!

    Can't wait to see this new little person.

    ps- thanks for the rec. on the goat book. I had read mixed reviews on it, but it sounds great. we are looking into moving soon, still in town, but on almost an acre. i'm thinking about pygmy dairy goats. just a couple of them.

  4. Thanks for your input! The Nigerian Dwarf is what I am interested in. Some places refer to them as pygmies but some do not. I'm thinking they are not a true pygmy, probably a little larger?