Friday, October 28, 2011

About Andrew

~Andrew said goodbye to his Grandma early this morning.  We're all sad to see her go, and we'll miss her a lot.  It hurts to live so far away.  But we know we were very blessed and spoiled to have her with us for so long!  It was pretty great!

~Andrew has a very jealous older brother today.  This particular brother has had one tantrum and crying fit after another today.  Momma's feeling spread a little thin already...  There are delightful bright spots, of course, but we have a lot of adjustment ahead of us.

~Andrew, however, has spent most of the day in a drunken stupor.  Momma's got lots of milk, and he's enjoying it.  He wakes ravenous, fills his tummy like there is nothing in the world more important than this task (and to him, of course, there isn't), and then immediately conks out again like a tiny narcoleptic.  I'm hoping this doesn't mean he'll be up all night, but there was just no keeping him awake very much today (and we tried!).

~Andrew is one chill little dude.  Well, it's only his third day of life On The Outside, so I can't say for sure, but it seems that way so far.  He doesn't cry much-- not a peep for diaper changes or even during the heal-prick for his newborn screening test.  When he's awake, he's pretty much happy to look around and listen to the commotion of his older brothers.  After two very fussy-needy-intense babies, I am more than ready for a calm and mellow one!

~Andrew will be baptized on Sunday, and his Auntie Lyssa is right now in the kitchen baking his baptism cake.  Which his Mommy will eat for him.

~Andrew has another brother who is greatly enjoying his big-brother-role this time around.  He's become quite a competent helper and loves to hold and kiss on his baby.  His Mommy tries not to have heart-attacks when he carries Andrew around.

~Andrew is a binky-baby.  I have never seen a newborn take to a pacifier that quickly or easily.  He's hooked.  It scares me just a little, the addiction factor, but we'll get past it eventually, I'm sure. 

~Andrew is quite sweet.  Sweetness all around.


  1. Glad you have lots of milk enough for two babies! Beautiful beautiful family, I love it. I love binky's I praise God for binkies! I cannot fathom binky free households--do those mothers really have flesh and blood? Solid nerves of steel for all that crying. We used to say, "whoever is closest cork it!" Evan is little and has a lot to get used to but he will be ok. I'm sorry your mom had to go but she has been there and I'm sure she is glad to have seen the latest addition! He is beautiful. I wonder if your husband only has one type of chromosome, perhaps he is all Y's. These boys are awesome. I hope you DO have a mellow baby and I will pray that little Evan gets used to his new place in the middle. He is so cute. Jonah looks nearly grown!

  2. I think Evan reacts to change and disorder by being cranky. Maybe he was crabby because Grandma inexplicably disappeared. I feel bad that I can't explain it to him so he can understand. Miss him. :-(

  3. Yeah, Mom, I think that's true. I realized that yesterday when he saw a picture of you (the one on this post) and he got really excited, pointing and babbling. He was definitely wondering what happened to you, poor guy. Also, Nathan was gone all day and that made it worse.