Friday, October 7, 2011

Aaaand still waiting...

Projects accomplished (so far!) while waiting (aaaand waiting) for a baby to arrive on the scene:

~Trim painted and installed in living room.

~A very ugly (picture bare studs, miscellaneous wood, and insulation hanging out all over) and difficult window framed, trimmed and painted;  now very beautiful!

~Two rough, old chairs painted great colors and waiting for a little "distress treatment".

~Upstairs guest bedroom wired for electricity, drywall repaired, trimmed, and painted.

~Basement door framed and installed.

~Trim painted for bathroom, ready to be installed.

~Raw edge of kitchen floor finished.

~Kitchen cabinet knobs installed.

~Kitchen floor mopped (even under the fridge!), cabinets wiped down.

~Kitchen and living room windows washed.

~Herb bed weeded and beautified.

~Lovely piece of garden art installed in herb bed (ooh!  I should take a picture of that!).

~Van brakes repaired.

~Um, there are probably more things that I am forgetting because seriously-- lots of stuff getting done!

And that's just my husband and mother.

I think they're nesting.

Or bored.

I, on the other hand, mostly lay on the couch, attempt to keep on top of laundry, try to pacify my crabby toddler, lay on the couch, get up to pee over and over and over, drop and break things, ruin batches of cheese and yogurt, sometimes cook things, and, um, lay on the couch.

I guess I've had a few constructive projects, like canning 18 pints of pickled jalapenos, weeding three raised beds in the garden, and starting some hard cider brewing, but otherwise... I pretty much lay on the couch.  Fatigue.  I think it's the gravity getting me down.

I really wouldn't mind lightening my load, any minute here.

I mean, I probably will mind.  I will probably (most certainly, actually) complain and whine and cry.  But when it's done, I'll be glad.  Very glad.

But!  Thanks to the wonderful people in my house, things are still being accomplished around here, and quickly, no less!  But I was recently very pointedly informed that The Projects are mostly completed, so, um, we're ready.  Annnnny time now.

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  1. Ok, this was yesterday, so technically you could be holding a sweet little bundle in your arms at this moment. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.