Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally Here!

Andrew Paul
8 lbs, 7oz; 19inches long
Born at home, 1:08am, October 26

He's long-awaited, and finally here!  The midwife says he looks maybe one week late, if that.  All this agonizing waiting was really just a classic case of miscalculations.    He's healthy, beautiful, and much-loved!

His big brothers are both very excited and pleased.

I'll write more --and post better photos!-- soon.  For today, I have no plans to do anything other than lie on the couch and baby-gaze.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


  1. Congratulations! Sweet pictures. What fun those three will have together.

  2. Congratulations! He is quite cute. Praying that the boy s adjust well to the newcomer.

  3. oh my goodness! another boy! and he looks just like his big brothers! congratulations you family of FIVE!!!

  4. What great news!! Congratulations on another little man to raise! He looks so plump and sweet. I hope the birth went well. Was praying for you last night and he's here but prayers are never wasted. So glad it was wrong dates. I wondered if that was it. Hopefully mom can stay for a little while!

  5. Hi there, just popping over from your mom's blog to say CONGRATULATIONS!

    I'd say those boys are going to be as thick as thieves, but it's been said. I'd say Andrew looks like the brother of his brothers, but it's been said.

    So just congratulations, and wishing you a speedy recovery and many happy days together!