Monday, February 21, 2011

That's Me, Ever the Optimist

I overheard the cashier in the store the other day talking to the customer in front of me.  "Yeah, this weather sure has been nice!  I hear we're supposed to get a storm this weekend, so I guess it just can't last.  But I really think that this will be It, and then we'll have spring for sure!"

I rolled my eyes. Hello?  It's the middle of February.  Don't go gettin' yer hopes up, leddy.  We gots us a long haul, yet.  Like, probably another 6 weeks before we can really think about spring.

But then I thought, well, maybe that's part of my problem.  In order to survive in a cold climate, you have to be more optimistic.  Spring has to be ever around your proverbial corner, right?

Okay.  Optimism.  I'll try anything once.  (Well.  Almost anything.)

So.  Here goes.

Would you like to come sit on my lovely porch?

Pull up a chair....

I'll make some delicious tea!

We'll sip it luxuriously as we gaze out at the beautiful gardens.

Scones!  Scones, will you come if I make scones?

What?  You don't want to come have tea on my porch?  Not even with scones? Well!  What sort of hardy, optimistic souls are we, anyway?

Look!  I even have potted plants.

No?  Still won't try it?  Sigh.  What would it take to entice you?  Sunshine, you say?  Warmth?  Bah.  This is Michigan!

In Michigan, we tap the maples one week...

...then watch the branches all break off the next!

Come on! 

The weather's fine!

Hm.  Mayhaps I should keep practicing my "optimism" skills.


  1. Bwa Ha Ha!!! This post is hilarious!!!!

    Should I even dare mention that it's 73 degrees out today?

  2. Mandi-- LALALA not listening!

    C'mon, won't you come for tea? Pleeeease?

  3. Mwah-ha. You've given me my chortle for the day.

    In defense of optimists everywhere, of which I am one, I must point out that there's optimistic and then there's delusional. As an optimist, today I enjoy the beautiful sunshine (and choose not to focus on the fact that lack of cloud cover makes it even COLDER). But me, for all I can genuinely savour the sunshine, I *know* it's way below freezing out there, and spring is *weeks* away. That woman ahead of you in line? She was delusional.