Thursday, February 10, 2011


My house is a mess of unpacking and, once again, construction projects.  (Kitchen trimmed for my birthday- yay!  Kitchen floor re-varnished- yay!  "New" woodstove installed, which, despite my apprehensions, seems to be kicking out plenty of heat- yay!  Stink of varnish and stove paint- boo!  Dirt-- boo stinkin' hoo!  Lack of glass in the door of the new stove- quadruple boo, I'm gonna miss it a lot.)


Did you know that jet lag includes not only time and sleep and eating and general routine, but also temperature?  50 degrees when I left and 5 when I arrived is nothing short of shocking.

The sleeping and eating part of the jetlag really stinks, especially with a baby.  My clock says 1:16am.  Grr.  Evan's been sleeping about an hour. 


Loneliness, dehydration, cold, lack of motivation, snow, depression, crying and clingy baby, messy house...  I'm ready to hibernate now, thanksomuch.


The flight attendants on our flights handed out warm chocolate chip cookies after the drink service.  That's a new one.  Hm, let me think, a tiny foil bag of 13 1/2 peanuts or warm chocolate chip cookie?  No-brainer.  Cookie!  The Frontier Airlines marketing people are sure earning their keep.  That cookie seems like a huge perk, but, as my Mom pointed out, they charged me $40 for my baggage.


Hm.  I really do intend not to sound so negative when I write here, but I guess I'm a little depressed and trying to be funny to keep from being sad.  But I've been through this many times and I know it passes...  Maybe I'll have more cheerful things to write soon.


  1. There you are!

    Sorry you're missing your family. And living in that kind of cold.

    I think it's time you move to Texas.

  2. It's tough when it's not only your family that you leave but a much more gentle clime. You'll feel better when the house is on order and you pull some warm bread from the oven.