Friday, February 4, 2011

Flight Dreams

Yesterday, Jonah got his first real flight experience.

My Uncle Tim is a pilot and plane mechanic.  

Jonah loves planes.  Uncle Tim loves planes.  Jonah knows Uncle Time loves planes and Uncle Tim loves to share his love of planes.  It's a match made in heaven.

First of all, Jonah had to inspect every part of the plane and learn what everything was for and how it all works.

He asked about a frillion questions which Uncle Tim patiently answered.  They went through the whole pre-flight checklist and made sure everything was ready to go.

I think it was all Jonah could do to keep his hands off the steering... um... thingy (see how bad I am?  I have a kid obsessed with planes, but I don't even know what anything is called.  He'll educate me, I'm sure.) during takeoff.

Jonah listened carefully and paid attention to every detail.  He even got a chance to fly the plane a while!

Of course, the views were just spectacular.

  The mountain and valley were gorgeous.

(It is really too bad that I had a loose nut behind the camera and couldn't seem to get it working properly... Maybe someday I'll learn how to take decent pictures.)

The Columbia was smooth as glass.  The Gorge always takes my breath away, no matter what angle I'm looking from.

Jonah was never scared at all and had a great time.  He's been talking constantly about it ever since, and declaring that one day, he, too, will fly planes.

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