Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was just so tired of hearing about it...

Drama, drama, drama.  "Be tough!"  I said, "You're a boy!  Get it over with!"

This has been going on for months already.  Let's be done.

Every day he would ask, "When, when,wheeeeen?" and when it was finally time, he said, "Wait, maybe ten more days!"

"Here, let me see..." I said... POP

"AH! Mom...!"

"Well, look at that. It just came out in my fingers."**

Jonah lost his first tooth!

To say he's really excited would be an understatement.

So he's upstairs, asleep, with his tooth under his pillow, and I'm sitting here, wondering... What are teeth going for these days, anyway?  I think I got a quarter, or maybe two.  In fact, it may have started out as dimes.  But now I've heard of people going as high as 20 bucks. (!)  (Yeah.)  (Not in this house.)

Also, what do I, um, do with it, provided I actually can find it when I go fishing around under his pillow while he sleeps?  I remember having this horror when I was a kid that when I was grown up, my Mom would present me with a little film canister full of my baby teeth.

Off to go find some quarters...

**Funny, I seem to remember hearing that before somewhere... like... from my Mom.


  1. The first tooth is always so exciting!
    A trick I learned from my mom - put the tooth in a cup at the kitchen windowsill - no need to disturb a sleeping child; and a fail safe way of finding the tooth;
    (we're cheap over here, the kids just get a dime for their teeth. With 4 kids loosing teeth it adds up quickly!)

  2. Due to the fairy union's cutthroat collective bargaining and corner on the market, rates for teeth have skyrocketed.

    Union boss, one Esmeralda Hoffa, was recently seen leaving a door-knob and string factory, together with representatives from the Apple, Carrot, and Potato Farmer unions. But the real buzz came the next day when Jack the Gripper, head of Pliers and Vice-Grips United was seen leaving Esmeralda's favorite restaurant. Would she dare?

  3. Bwa-HAHAHA! How do you come up with this stuff?

  4. Mine (who are a solid decade and more past teeth-losing age) got a loonie (one dollar coin) for regular teeth, and a toonie (two dollar coin) for molars. (Yes, a sliding scale! Who knew? I'm honestly not quite sure how that happened any more...)

    For ease of collection, I suggest you and Jonah make a tooth-holder: a sturdy plastic container decorated with colourful tape and stickers. If it's the right shape, you can fit the tooth money in it after you remove the gory wee tooth.