Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nofoto and Triviata

Here I am, neglecting my blog again. Or, was, because now, I'm posting!

I had pictures I was going to post, but then my camera told me that the memory card is kaput. Dead. Muerte. Done. Pictures allgone.


Thus the dearth of pictures around here.

My brother warned me when he gave me the camera. He's had problems with that memory card... better replace it. Yeah, yeah. It was working fine, so I didn't bother. Because I'm cheap. And miserly. Thrifty. Etc.

In my research looking for a new one, I've also discovered that it's good to reformat the card from time to time. Hm... Good to know. Maybe that would have saved me the headache of lost pictures.

Anyway, I'm researching CF cards. I AM cheap, so I don't want to pay more than I have to for a new one, but I also don't want to get something that I will hate.

Hmmm... what else can I tell you about...

Oh, the van broke down on me in town yesterday. That van has bee getting worse and worse, so it's really amazing that we've gotten this much use out of it. Jonah really didn't want to go to town with me yesterday because he was so afraid that something would happen. We said a prayer before we left that God would take care of us, and He did, because when it wouldn't start, we had just finished picking up a co-op order and my friend hadn't left yet. So I called Nathan and he advised me to abandon ship. We just got in with our friends and went to their house to play for the day. Boy, that sure was an awful breakdown... (And I've been broken down a few times before...) Nathan finished his day of work and then went to get the van. Praise God that he didn't have to try to get it on a dolly or anything. He just had to bridge the connection between the thingamajig and the whatsit while turning the ignition just so and it started up so he could drive it home.

So the van is done as well. Nathan said he's not fixing it. He needs to find time to get a transmission into the other van and get it going. I'm told it's not an easy job... sigh. I just don't understand what the big deal is. It's just a part, right? Take the bad part out and put the good one in. Simple. (Dad, stop slapping your forehead that way. You'll leave a mark.)

I need to start thinking about a birthday party for Jonah in a couple weeks. Nothing fancy-- just invite all his little friends (and their families!) over and we'll eat spaghetti and cake and play and have fun. He wants a solar system on his cake, of course, so I'm trying to decide if I should find various round candies for planets, or go the cheap way and draw them on with frosting. "Candy is WAY cooler." my friend said and she's right. So I guess I need to go b-b-b-buy c-c-c-candy to decorate a cool space cake.

Jonah found three kittens under our porch the other day. We know the culprit well, she does it twice every year. Oh well. Kittens are fun. And at least it's only three and not... six.

Oh! Almost forgot-- The pictures I was going to post, before my camera ate them, were of my almost-finished kitchen corner. That naked little corner that has been waiting a year and a half now has cabinets (including a really-cool custom-made-for-me-by-my-sweet-husband lazy susan), countertop and an awesome pot rack (carried-home-on-a-plane-from-Switzerland-for-me-by-my-sweet-mother!). I love it. Sometimes I think it would be neat (and affluent) to move into a house that has every detail established (wait, are there houses like that?), but I have to say that the fun of updates is quite addictive.

A'right. I guess that is all the mundane bits I have for you today. Jonah is begging to do school, so I guess I should oblige. I've suggested playing hooky several times, but he won't hear of it.


  1. Great update! No need to call now!

    A finished house. AHAHahahaha!!! When/IF you finally finish, you'll have to start over at the beginning. That's where we're at. And we weren't finished in the first place!

    Doesn't your camera have a bit of internal memory? Enough for a few pictures? Waiting to see them!

  2. If you haven't purchased a CF card yet, I have a 2GB Extreme III that is more or less useless to me, as it will only hold around 72 shots, since I shoot massive 18mp RAW files. I almost exclusively use my 16GB UDMA card now. I can just drop the 2 gig-er in the mail from where I am now in Texas. Email me.

  3. I love your rambling posts like this. It tells me what is going on in your life, and I love it. :D