Saturday, April 3, 2010


Jonah and I colored our Easter Eggs (Resurrection Eggs?) after supper tonight. He's been looking forward to it all week, of course. (That and jelly beans...)

Nathan had me do a couple dozen eggs with Scripture references and various symbols for an egg hunt with the kids after church tomorrow. He wants to have a discussion and make the egg hunt an opportunity for instruction as well as fun.

I have to say, though, that my favorite egg must be Jonah's "black for sin" egg that he made:

Oh, and speaking of colors, a little while ago, an Amish neighbor was here and we were talking about a very bright rainbow in our neighborhood a few hours before. (Rainbows are rare around here, but today we had sun and rain together for a rare treat of a rainbow!)

Jonah told him that "Sometime I'm gonna find a rainbow and go under the colors!"

The man replied, "Someone told me once that if you go under a rainbow you'll change into a girl."

Nathan and I cracked up while Jonah looked considerably embarrassed.

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  1. What did you color on the eggs with? Very Pretty!