Monday, April 26, 2010

No Time, Just a Salad

I do not believe that salad is the epitome of health food.

I do not believe that it is healthy to eat salad everyday.

I don't even think it's good to eat salad year round.

You should never start a meal with a salad, or you may never be satisfied and will end up eating too much anyway.

However, in the Spring, I crave salad with my supper. It makes sense, really-- greens are in season, and the bitter ones are good for helping with the natural "spring cleaning" that goes on in our bodies during the spring.

My salad greens in my garden are a little too small yet to pick a whole salad, so after I gathered a small handful of lettuce, spinach, and mache, I had to get creative for the rest. On looking around the yard, I came up with dandelion greens, wild mustard greens and buds (like wild broccoli), sweet violet leaves and flowers and some young lamb's quarter. I added to that a handful of chives, some red clover sprouts that I've been growing in a jar, some shreds of cheese, and a maple vinaigrette and whoa.... what a yummy salad.

I served it along-side the chicken with rice and mushroom/white wine/cream sauce that I made and... yum. Really yum. Too bad Nathan was working late and had to eat his cold...

I could leave it there, or I could tell the rest of the story--
how I got home late and hungry and needed to get supper together NOW,
how I left all the groceries all over the kitchen (where some of them still sit now),
how I forgot salt and butter in the rice,
how my new Houdini goat kept getting out and coming up on the kitchen porch to check on me while I was trying to get supper made,
how Jonah has a knack for spilling his drink just when I'm about to sit down and start eating,
how I splattered hot grease on my arm... I just reeeeally wished I could go get some Chinese takeout and call it good.

But I won't tell you about that. I'll just let you drool over the yummy supper that I eventually got made and I eventually got to eat. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

(And someday, soon, I'll get around to posting more here... I've been running like a chicken with my head cut off lately, it seems, except for Sunday when I practically slept all afternoon, except for baking apple pie and watching Moon with Nathan. Another busy day tomorrow. Updates here eventually, I hope...)


  1. That will be good because you are missed when your gone. It is however a very busy time of year, not to mention being pg and tired. chinese food sounds so good. I have been on a sushi binge myself.

  2. Salad is my favorite thing and I want some of that one.

    In Italy salad is eaten as the third course, never the first. (Primo- pasta, secondo- meat, contorno- salad and veggies.)

  3. YUM!!!
    i'm with you- i like saving my salad for dessert. i can't believe all the wild 'greens' you have on hand. that is amazing!

    and chinese take-out- this is the hardest thing about living in a small town for me. no chinese : (

    we are on opposite ends of the growing spectrum. my lettuce are bolting and the squashes and cukes are coming up.