Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Breakup with a Telemarketer

Nathan just had the misfortune of answering the phone when a credit card rep was calling. The person wanted to know why we don't use our card anymore. [Ed. note: no brainer.] After Nathan explained that we simply don't carry credit card debt and usually have no reason to use the card except for a big purchase which we will pay off immediately, the rep continued to make offers and attempt talk Nathan into using their card. As this was going on, I let in an Amish neighbor who was needing to use the phone, so he was waiting for his turn.

Nathan's end of the conversation went something like this: "No, I don't really need that service. ... No, thanks so much, but I'm just not interested. ... Listen, I really have to go. ... Okay, uh-huh... yeah... I understand, but really, I have to get off the phone. ... Yes... Right, well, thanks so much. ... Okay, I have another call coming in [and he did, from my brother] so I have to go... Okay, I'm going. Hanging up now... Good bye..." Click.

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  1. sheesh- i've had many a conversation like this. i like it better when my husband picks up the phone. he pretends like he's being called to be told that he's won something really great. it drives the telemarketers crazy and they end up hanging up on HIM!

    about past posts:
    man on wire- we just watched that too. crazy, i say, just crazy. i know if levi starts erecting smallish tight wires in the backyard (or wearing really tight union suits) that i should be VERY afraid!
    raw milk- this is really interesting! i never have any extra raw milk, but one day i do plan on talking my husband into goats, and when that day comes, i'll keep this idea on stand-by!

    also- you commented on my chicken post. i hear ya on the poop. we live on a small lot in town, and just couldn't take the poop any more. my husband built a large run taking up our side yard. but it's hard, because technically they aren't 'pastured', and i know i'm missing out on some nutritional benefits. what's a girl to do!?!