Saturday, August 29, 2009

Old Stuff, New Stuff, Red Stuff, Blue Stuff

We went "antiquing" today.

I use the term "antiquing" very loosely here because we don't actually have money for overpriced junk. It was more like "window antiquing".

I also use the term "we" very loosely, here, because by "we" I really mean, "I, with company."

Yes, Nathan and Jonah were with me. NATHAN! The man I can't stand shopping with because he acts like he's in actual, physical pain the entire time.

I think they were a little bored...

...but it was actually kinda fun!

(Whoa, there, Jonah... gotta go potty?)

Especially since I wasn't buying anything.

I think that's the part of shopping that causes the most pain.

Ripping cash out of a wallet is something akin to peeling layers of skin...

But actually, the whole thing was Nathan's idea. Even though he doesn't much care for looking at "stuff", he knew I would enjoy it, and so he, himself, took me in this antique store! Isn't he sweet to me?

We were passing through a town (on the way to a birthday party) that claims to be the antique capital of Michigan. We went to the "Antique Mall" that claims to be the "largest in Michigan".

They all say that.

Not sure if it's true, but there was an aaaaawwwwful lotta junk in there! A few choice antiques amid lots of... junk.

Pretty junk...

And ugly junk...

And pretty junk mixed in with ugly junk.

I mainly liked to look at the pretty junk.

I could have happily taken this quilt home with me!

...but didn't, of course.

Oh, and there was a train!

Jonah liked watching the train best of all.

Nathan said something about it being "put together originally in blahblah, as well as somethingsomethingsomething..." but I evidently wasn't listening.

I was too busy trying on garish hats.

(Green is so not my color.)

...And taking pictures of garish utilities.

I did see lots of furniture that I liked!

Waaaaay out of my price range (which is "free", by the way).

Like those chairs hanging on the wall.

Hey... maybe I should hang chairs on my wall.

You know... decorative.

Or something.

I'm sure I could at least get an eye-roll out of my husband.

That would be worth it, right?

I saw lots of depression glass that reminded me of my Grandma on my Dad's side. I like the green stuff.

I even found the exact match of the green depression glass cream and sugar set that Grandma had, and I now have, broken pouring-lip and all. The set I saw was price at $18 per piece, but I prefer the old, well-used set.

I'm not such a big fan of the pink depression glass, but there was sure a pile of it!

Believe it or not, I don't even much care for the red glassware, much as I love red things.

The green IS lovely, though...

There was also piles of this iridescent orange stuff.

SO not my style. But fun to look at.

I'm just not into ornate, fancy dishes. I'm really more of a white ironstone kinda gal. And I saw VERY little of that. I'm not sure what that means. Is it really popular? Not popular? Extremely rare?

Really. I couldn't have picked an easier fetish?

Of course not.

And then. And then there was this:

Hello, gorgeous.

Hard to see from the photo (as it was sitting in a dark corner), but it's a lovely little cubboard, well-weathered and worn looking, and I thought it was great.

And I said as much, to Nathan.

"WHaaaYYYY???!!?!??!!!??" He said. I mean it-- just like that. All the exclamation points and everything. Disdain. Disgust.


He couldn't believe I would find such a thing attractive. Meant for the work-shop, he said. Belongs on the burn-pile. Could be picked up free on the side of the road, etc.

"But honey. It's only $295."

Blink. Blink, blink.

But Nathan? Nathan is waaaay too cowboy for that kind of nonsense.

And in his great relief that I was not spending $295 on a piece of scrap wood, he let me buy this little green bottle (the tall one on the right) for $2 to add to the other green bottles on my kitchen windowsill.

See? I just have to work him into it.


  1. Sooooo, KT... When's your birthday again?

  2. You go girl, hit him with the big tag first and then a little one ain't no big thing. That's brains for ya!

  3. So first of all Nathen looks awsome as a cowboy, second of all I think he would like the "antiquing" that I like, which is Jack***'s version of "antiquing" and thats slapping a handfull of flour on a past out person's face.